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Why You Need to Protect Your Home

Installing an alarm system or video surveillance cameras may seem like an expensive choice but, when making these assessments, remember that deciding not to protect your home can cost a lot more.

Protect family and property from intruders.
One of the first reasons why you decide to install a surveillance system in your home is to ensure the safety and security of your family members.
In fact, the latest statistics show that homes without any type of security are subject to theft up to 2.7 times more than homes with alarms or cameras installed.
This testifies to the fact that often even the presence of a security system or a camera is enough to discourage the attacker.
However, there are those who certainly do not allow themselves to be stopped by this and who, whether you are at home or not, will still try to enter your home with the most varied, often even tragic, intentions.
This is the case in which the surveillance system becomes an indispensable ally in order to protect not only our home and our assets, but above all the people who live there.

A safe home even from a distance.
Being able to control your home remotely, especially for those who are often away for work or temporarily go away leaving children and animals at home, is certainly the main advantage of a surveillance system.
With wireless alarm systems it is now possible to activate and deactivate the alarm remotely and immediately receive a notification in the event of intrusion or danger detection. IP cameras, on the other hand, allow you to stream the captured images to your Smartphone at any time and from anywhere. But their function is not only useful when we are far away.
Let’s think, for example, of when we are alone with children or the same children are alone at home and someone rings the doorbell. If we have installed an outdoor camera aimed at those who show up at the entrance, we can verify the identity of the visitor before opening the door or even approaching it.

Medical care and supervision of the elderly.
Guaranteeing continuous monitoring to children, elderly people, our animal friends and members of our family with special needs in order to be able to promptly intervene in case of need is a determining factor, especially when it comes to health problems.
Surveillance solutions, such as IP cameras and alarm systems equipped with SOS or Panic remote controls, allow immediate assistance in case of need.

Baby Monitor for the little ones.
If our baby sleeps in a separate room from ours, the IP camera can act as a baby monitor. In fact, in addition to recording the child and reporting his abnormal movements, thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone, it allows us to listen to the sounds coming from the bedroom and to be able to communicate with the child without entering her room.
A useful tool also when you entrust the child to the babysitter and still want to have the situation under control or to make grandparents and relatives feel closer to us who cannot reach us, but wish to be able to watch and admire their grandchild.

Home video surveillance offers a wide range of solutions to better protect your home and feel safe even when you are away. There are numerous methods used to install a video surveillance system, useful for any type of home. In fact, leaving your home without any security system can cause it to be targeted by thieves and bad guys. Nowadays it is possible to opt for an effective monitoring system that can guarantee maximum security, thanks to the installation of a video surveillance system. In this regard, all that remains is to find out what are all the advantages and characteristics of these innovative solutions and why their installation in the home is recommended. Furthermore, it must be considered that each product can vary in price and quality and is more suitable for certain types of homes. For this reason, every consumer must be well-informed before choosing the best system, suited to their needs. You can choose from many home video surveillance systems, some models are accessible to everyone, as they are functional and economical and above all they are very practical to use.

Other types, on the other hand, are more complex and involve high costs. They can be equipped with detection sensors or they can be without them. Furthermore, thanks to a simple computer, smartphone or webcam, it is possible to create a home video surveillance system independently, with which you can keep your home under control 24 hours a day. It treated some versatile systems, as they can interact with various components, depending on the circumstances. For this reason it is advisable to find out what are all the qualities of these systems to choose the most suitable solution for your home. The purpose of the video surveillance system is to offer maximum security for the environments that are left unattended during the absence of the owners. The installation of security cameras offers numerous advantages: first of all it is certainly prevention, in fact, the presence of these devices reduces the risk of attempted theft by malicious people.

But the safety of the environments does not only concern the various methodologies to defend against the presence of intruders, as it allows you to keep the environments under control, preventing accidents such as floods, fires or damage of any kind that could be risky both for your home and for the neighboring homes. Another advantage of home video surveillance systems is to constantly monitor non self-sufficient people such as the elderly or children. In this way it can be verified that unpleasant accidents do not happen and in the event of an accident it is possible to intervene immediately. Not only that, this solution is also very useful in the presence of pets: in the event that the owners have to leave the house, it is possible to check what happens inside the home, making sure that the four-legged friends do not do damage, do not run away. At home and above all do not get hurt. Opting for a monitoring system does not mean spending large sums of money to make the home or environments such as offices and shops safe, on the contrary, you can choose various methods without spending huge amounts.

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