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How to Protect Your Home When You Are Away

Home surveillance camera.
A video surveillance system is one of the indispensable solutions to ensure the safety of property and people in a home. In fact, a home surveillance camera allows you to monitor what is happening in the house or around the house (for example in the garden), depending on the model chosen. It is a further guarantee of peace of mind, as well as a real ace in the hole to defend against an ever-increasing insecurity. Once reserved for luxury homes or business premises, surveillance cameras have become democratized and are now found in more and more homes of ordinary citizens concerned about their safety.

Why install a home surveillance camera?
Statistics show that the risk of burglary is not to be taken lightly, it is therefore essential to protect your home against intrusions.
A video surveillance camera also allows you to check what is happening in the house or in the garden. It can film continuously or be equipped with a presence detector to only film when someone enters the house.

In addition, when the surveillance camera detects a presence in the house, the connected cameras notify you wherever you are thanks to a notification on your smartphone. In this way you can react quickly, go to the scene or call the police. By playing in advance, you can prevent thefts before they are committed or stop offenders.

Finally, viewing the images recorded by the video surveillance camera can later allow you to identify the thieves or their modus operandi, and to understand what are the flaws in the security system of your home. The images can also prove to your insurance company that a burglary has indeed occurred in your home, which can be especially useful in the absence of a break-in.

There are numerous models of video surveillance cameras to keep your home under control. To choose the best protection, it is good to understand what are the advantages of the products available. It is up to you to identify the best solution based on the desired level of protection, the configuration of the rooms and your daily habits.
The image quality is crucial for evaluating the performance of a surveillance camera. Opt for a device with a good quality, high resolution sensor. A 720p or 1080p high definition camera lets you have crisp video to zoom in on without sacrificing too much quality.
Night vision is also very important, as most burglaries happen at night.

Aesthetics are also important, not only because the surveillance device will be part of your daily life, but also in terms of discretion. A visible device has a deterrent effect, but a discreet camera is more difficult to spot and is less likely to be damaged or neutralized by intruders.
Among the surveillance cameras, some film continuously, others are activated only when a presence is detected. This avoids unnecessarily filming hours and hours of video, and allows you to keep in the archive only the scenes in which movement has been detected.

HD 1080P Security Camera is covered up inside a USB telephone charger.

A contraption so regular these days, that the HD Mask will not cause any to notice itself, on account of its cover plan. What’s more, you can likewise charge your telephone and different gadgets while it’s recording!

HD Mask is truly simple to utilize: plug it into any power source and interface it to your gadget (telephone, PC, tablet) consistently. You can record immediately, in a persistent circle or utilizing MOTION DETECTION when somebody is in the room. With top-notch HD 1080P, you will not miss a thing and will actually want to stream live distantly whenever, even around evening time.

You can place HD Mask anywhere with an extension cord, not only into the electric socket.

Experience bleeding edge innovation and appreciate the security that the iMiniSpy Camera framework brings to your home, office, or anyplace you are.



HD Mask Descreet Security Camera


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